Elongated Tunnel for field studies across atmospheric CO2 Gradiens
The objective of the project is to study the effect of low CO2 concentration with special reference to physiological and biochemical changes occurred on high altitude plants. Gradient CO2 concentration is maintained with controlled air flow pass through one end to other end of the tunnel and it is observed that approximate 100 ppm CO2 concentration has been reduced (in respect to ambient) inside tunnel during the study.

We have developed a field facility fir IHBT(CSIR), Palampur, India, that controls CO2 along continuous gradients from superambient to subambient concentrations. The facility consists of transparent, tunnel-shaped chambers, each 1-m wide and tall and 60-m long. Ambient air is introduced to the chamber to initiate a subambient CO2 gradient (350-200 µmol mol-1).
The system is fully autometic with temperature control and inline data monitoring option for CO2 , PAR, Temp. & Humidity with  irigation facility.

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