Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) Technology
The Exponentially rising of temperature in environment is major problem now days.  Due to these the   rise in concentration of CO2 which effectively influence the productivity of various agricultural crops. Innovative approaches for conducting long-term experiment on plant have been developed to investigate the growth and yield response of different plants to predicted elevated level of CO2. Accuracy of result depends on the system and its maintenance of the desired level of CO2 with natural conditions. For that fully automated system has been developed, which helps to agriculture/environmental research scientist to carry out research work for future scope on effect of CO2 level under different climatic conditions.
• Monitoring of Humidity, Temperature, CO2, PAR, Wind Speed & Wind Direction etc.
• Control and Monitoring of of CO2 inside ring through CO2 Analyser
• Automatic monitor and control  through SCADA
• Data logging and Remote Communication
• System operated through PLC, SCADA or HMI
FACE @ MSSRF, Chennai
FACE @ MSSRF, Chennai
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