Free Air Ozone Enrichment (FAOE) Technology
India's first CO2 & Ozone rings facility developed by Genesis Technologies at IARI to investigate the effect of elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) and ozone (O3) concentrations on different crops. Later on 4 units of FAOE ring has been developed at NBRI, Lucknow.
Those ozone ring are equipped with sensor module, duct line to discharge ozone into ozone rings inline data monitoring facilities for CO2, ozone, wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity and computerize data logging facilities. Horizontal SS pipes or ducts are used in hexagonal structure for ozone release in rings. Ozone sampling tube is placed at three different locations in ozone ring to pull air sample through air pump for determination of ozone concentration in each ring on real time basis. High volume air blower (5000cfm) is used to discharge ozone through ozone generator inside ring.

FAOE @ NBRI, Lucknow
FAOE @ NBRI, Lucknow
•  The responses of different crops under elevated CO2 and   O3 environment.
•  Effects of increased CO2 on soil quality and carbon storage.
•  Effects of the future atmosphere on nitrogen and water use.
•  Effects of atmospheric change on yield and seed quality.
•  The effects of atmospheric change on gene expression.
•  Crop adaptation to the changes that have already occurred.

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