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Product Catalog on Projects
AWS Product Catalog
OTC Catalog
Deep Freezer Catalog 1
Gas Detection Unit
Bioreactor and Fermenter : Role in Pharmaceutical and other applications
Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE)Technology
Open Top Chamber (OTC) Technology
Low-cost facility for assessing impact of carbon dioxide on crops
Role of fermenter and bioreactor in drug development
Bioreactor:  Role in Petrochemical Industry
Bioreactors: Role in Organic compound and VOCs degradation
A Special Bioreactor System Integration for Mammalian Cell Culture
Instrumentation In Environmental Research Projects:OTC and FACE
Instrumentation In Environmental Research Projects
Simulation & Modeling on Climate Change Research
Open Top Chamber Catalogue with General Specifications

Deep Freezer Catalog 2
Genesis E Newsletter Issue 1, December 2013
Genesis E Newsletter Issue 2, November 2014
Genesis E Newsletter Issue 3, August 2016
Genesis E Newsletter Issue 4, June 2017
Green House Manual, ICAR-Indian Institute of Soybean Research
Plant Growth Chamber Manual, Bharthiar University
OTC manual, Plant Physiology, TNAU
OTC manual, BioEnergy Div, TNAU
Walk-In PGC manual, ICAR-IISS
OTC manual, Hyderabad University
OTC manual, ADACRI, Tamil Nadu
NFT-Hydroponic Manual
Calender 2018-21

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