Rainout Shelter with Instrumentation
•    Approximately 1200 TO 1500 SQMT  and 7 TO 10 feet side height
•  The movement on rainout shelter should be either sliding or any other advanced   technology available for free movement with or without wheel. If wheel is the option it should be of high quality metal without outer rubber covering.
•  If the Structure option is sliding then length of rail track must be  rust free stain less or other long lasting heavy duty suitable iron materials need to be constructed on concrete blocks with proper leveling so that the structure can move smoothly for longer period.
•  The base materials including rail track should be high quality rust free metallic pipe (GI pipe and other standard material) of long durability.
•  Completely motorized with rain sensor having facility to move the structure on rail track when rain starts and movement as per program by the user.
•  The structure should have automatic control strategy to obtain shelter movement with or without raining condition
•  Housing of the motor and other electrical components should be sealed to protect from rain for longer operation.
•  Structure should be covered with multi-layer UV protected polycarbonate sheet having transparency more than 80- 85 %.
•  Four or more rain sensor to avoid faulty triggering
•  Two PAR sensor to measure transparency of polycarbonate sheet & ambient level
•  1 TDR based soil moisture sensor with 5 sampling point facility
•  working area should be covered by sprinkler
•  Sprinkler must be actuated according to soil moisture level.
•  All the parameter should be automatically monitor and controlled through Scada software having facility of data logging with graphical representation
•  Online monitoring and controls of all parameters through SCADA-HMI interface  with remote communication (GSM/GPRS/Wi-fi) facility.
•  Graphical representation of all parameters  and data logging facility in microsoft excel format
•  Appropriate data logger to communicate with sensors.
•  User interface should be compatible with all version of windows.
Rainout Shelter (Representative Picture)

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